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SCATEC- Laser Copy Counter

Counts precisely and reliably – SCATEC copy counter for newspaper detection in conveyor clamps

A special highlight of SCATEC:

The SCATEC laser copy counter family is suitable for counting newspapers and magazines in a lap stream. The SCATEC detection principle is based on an optical edge detection system patented by Baumer, which makes the SCATEC family extremely insensitive to color. With a matte or glossy finish, all print products are scanned reliably.

The SCATEC operating principle:

  • Non-contact thanks to optical principle.
  • One laser light source – two receivers (V and R).
  • Reacts to object edges that face the laser beam.
  • If an edge passes through the laser beam, the relationship of the reflected light (v/r) to both receiver’s changes and the object is detected.
  • Known interferences are specifically targeted and suppressed.

SCATEC features an optical functional principle which enables contact less operation. Because the most sensitive version of the SCATEC family can even detect edges down to 0.1 mm, single sheets can also be reliably detected and counted.

Applications :
The typical applications or uses of Baumer products are virtually limitless in graphic machinery: Actuator drives enable quick format adjustment, for example; photoelectric or inductive sensors ensure precise positioning during the printing process.

Call our application engineering team in order to get more information & suitability of SCATEC- copy counter for your counting application.

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